Quantum laser

Quantum Photonic Molecule Laser Patent is Granted

Photonic-molecule laser (two red photons are quantum mechanically glued to act like a green photon)

Conventional lasers output coherent states of single photons. A couple of years ago, we predicted that photons can form bound states — the photonics molecules, which is a new type of quantum photonic states. Loosely speaking, we quantum mechanically glue two red photons together so that the two-photon group behaves like a green photon in certain quantum scattering processes. The Quantum Photonic Molecule Laser is a coherent quantum light source outputting a coherent state of photonics molecules. The new laser will have a wide range of applications in quantum information science and quantum imaging.

Patent link: https://patents.google.com/patent/US10833469B2/en?inventor=Jung-Tsung+Shen

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