A new piece of the quantum computing puzzle

An efficient two-bit quantum logic gate has been out of reach, until now https://source.wustl.edu/2021/06/a-new-piece-of-the-quantum-computing-puzzle/

In the media: UV Light Wands Are Supposed to Kill Viruses. But Do They Really Work?

Sellers claim that hand-held UV-C light wands sanitize surfaces, but many are underpowered and others are fakes. Here’s what you need to know. Article: https://www.discovermagazine.com/health/uv-light-wands-are-supposed-to-kill-viruses-but-do-they-really-work https://engineering.wustl.edu/news/2020/In-the-media-UV-Light-Wands-Are-Supposed-to-Kill-Viruses-But-Do-They-Really-Work.html

Quantum Nano-Photonics Group Received NSF Quantum Leap (RAISE) Award

Quantum technology is expected to play a decisive role in enhancing national security and bolstering further scientific discovery. A team of scientists, led by J.T. Shen at Washington University in St. Louis, is seeking to boost quantum information science and technology, particularly in the emerging areas of quantum computation and communication. Press release: https://engineering.wustl.edu/news/2018/Shen-leads-team-seeking-to-improve-quantum-computation.html

Quantum Photonic Molecule Laser Patent is Granted

Conventional lasers output coherent states of single photons. A couple of years ago, we predicted that photons can form bound states — the photonics molecules, which is a new type of quantum photonic states. Loosely speaking, we quantum mechanically glue two red photons together so that the two-photon group behaves like a green photon in […]

Quantum Nano-Photonics Group is Awarded The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Deep Imaging Grant

Innovations in scientific imaging technologies such as ultrasound, MRI, photoacoustic, optical, X-ray, and quantum imaging could be transformative for biomedical applications and for understanding life at the cellular level. The Frontiers of Imaging effort supports technology development to allow researchers to peer deep into tissues in order to better understand and cure disease. Quantum Multi-Photon […]