Welcome to the Quantum Nano-Photonics Group

Unveiling the Enigmatic World of Quantum Light: Engineering Nano-Scale Light-Matter Interactions and Advancing the Frontiers of Quantum Information Science


Two-Color Photonic-Dimer Coherent State

(2024 DARPA Grant)

Two-Photon Controlled-Phase Gate

(NSF 2018 Quantum Leap/RAISE Award)

Quantum Multi-Photon Excitation Microscopy

(Chan Zuckerberg Initiative 2020 Deep Imaging Award)

Quantum Photonic-Molecule Laser

2020 WashU Patent Award

3-Photon Nonlinear Phase

(Experimental results [upper] versus Theoretical Results [lower])

Three-Photon Scattering in Rydberg Systems

Single-Photon Frequency Conversion

Photon Blockade in Cavity-QED

Single-Atom Photon Antibunching

(Experimental results [red] versus Theoretical results [black])

Engineered Super-Nonlinear Optical Materials

Photonic Dissipation of Embedded Quantum Emitters